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Blaze Gladly takes bubble wrap, newspaper, and plain colored bags.

We will also take ceramic paints, molds, brushes, and more. Give us a call we may be interested. 


How Does This All Work?

 No Appointment Necessary! Walk-ins Welcome!

        The vast majority of the pieces that you paint here at Blaze are created one at a time by our staff in our production area. Ask for a tour! Below is the basic "life cycle" of each piece here at Blaze Ceramics and Crafts:



     - The plaster mold is retrieved from our storage facility, cleaned, and placed on a drying rack overnight to allow the equalization of temperature and humidity.

    - The next morning, the mold is assembled, then filled with liquid clay (slip) that fill form the piece inside the mold.

    - The slip is left in the mold for a specified amount of time to allow the clay to build to the desired thickness. Then the remaining slip is emptied.

    - The mold is placed on a rack to dry for between 8 hrs and overnight to allow the clay inside to become "leather hard" before the mold can be opened.

    - After the piece is removed from the mold, any extra clay is trimmed off, then it is placed on a drying rack for 3 days to a week to get "bone dry" before it can move on to the cleaning stage. The piece is now considered "green ware".



     - During the casting process, seam lines and other imperfections are left on the greenware that will need to be scraped, carved, and or sanded off using special tools so that they are not visible on the finished product. This process can take between just a few minutes to as long as hours depending on the complexity of the piece...


Bisque Firing:

     - The dried and cleaned green ware is placed into one of our kilns and "fired" to cone 04 (~1970 degrees fahrenheit) so that the clay can harden into the "bisque" that our painters will use for their art projects. This process takes about 24 hours from when the kiln is started to when it is cool enough to open.


Customer Glazing:

 This is where YOU come in!

    - This is where each customer will come in, choose a piece from our display shelves, pick a table, and get to painting! Customers can choose from many under glazes, specialty glazes, and fun techniques to create their own unique piece of art.

    - Once the customer is done painting, we place the piece on the rack in our kiln room to dry for 24 hours.

    - If the piece is too complex to complete in one visit, it can be stored on our "In Progress" shelf for up to 90 days so that the artist can come back when it is convenient to complete the piece.


Clear Glaze Application:

     - Once the completed piece is completely dry, we dip it in our clear glaze to make it food/dishwasher safe, and cover any unglazed areas of the bisque. Then it goes back on the drying rack for another 24 hours.


Glaze Firing:

     - Finally, the piece is set on stilts to prevent it from sticking to the kiln shelves and placed in one of our kilns to fire to cone 06 (~1855 degrees fahrenheit). At this temperature, the glazes essentially turn to glass and settle into their vibrant colors! This process takes about 24 hours from starting the kiln to being cool enough to open.


Clean and pack:

    - Once glaze firing is complete, the stilts are removed from each piece, and the small bumps from the stilt pins are ground off using a rotary tool.

    - Each piece is carefully packed and labeled, then the customer is called for pickup!


Green Ware Green Ware



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