Blaze Ceramics and Crafts is now mobile or by reservation only at our home studio!

Blaze Ceramics and Crafts Mobile!
Paint your own ceramics in Cedar Hills!

Want a ceramic paint party? We do events, studio reservations, take home kits, and bisque sales. We do shipping!


About Us

Family Owned


We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to bringing out the artistic side in everyone. We believe that family is important, and anyone can create a masterpiece. With an array of ceramic pieces to choose from, we strive to make sure all of our customers have an amazing experience - regardless of age or skill level.

Locally Produced


The vast majority of our ceramic pieces for sale are made by us at our home studio, which enables us to price our products at a much lower cost to you than other shops that have their products shipped from overseas. With thousands of vintage molds to choose from, our current selections are constantly changing. 

One of a Kind Experience


We have tons of different techniques to try out - both simple and advanced. We will provide as much (or as little) help and advice needed for you to feel comfortable and confident that your piece of art will be something to be cherished for a long time to come. We want this to be a fun and unique experience for everyone!

It's Up to You!

Book a Mobile Event


We will deliver to your home or venue all of the necessary art supplies to have a great paint your own ceramics party! We have pieces to delight any age group.  Strengthen your business with a great Team Builder activity supplied by Blaze! Mugs, Plates, Tiles, Figurines... You name it! 

Paint at our Home Studio


Call and make a reservation at our home studio to come and paint your pieces using our large selection of colors and specialty glazes! Lots of unpainted bisque pieces to choose from!

Paint It At Home!


1. Choose your piece from our huge selection of projects. 2. Choose your colors. 3. Take your mobile kit home and complete your project at your own pace. 4. Bring your completed pieces back for firing! 5. Once the pieces are fired, come pick up your completed works of art!

Contact Us

BY RESERVATION ONLY! Our private studio is in the Cedar Hills area. Give us a call if you would like to make a reservation to come visit.

Blaze Ceramics and Crafts

Beaverton, Oregon 97225, United States